HOF Sports

About Us

“People don’t trust companies, they trust people!”

With the capability to be one of the industry’s largest agencies, we believe a smaller client base with a focus and emphasis on a more personal relationship will benefit our clients in a more positive manner, both professionally and personally.

To be successful in today’s world, an athlete needs to develop and maintain a comprehensive program of personal management, responsibility and life planning while being the best player possible in their respective sport.

HALL OF FAME (HOF) PLAYER REPRESENTATIVES establishes a program aimed at assisting, directing, advising, and teaching independence to our athletes. We develop a close relationship with our athletes, assist and advise them with pre and post draft training, life counseling, financial responsibility management, and time management during and after the season. To achieve this goal, we implement our financial strategy counseling, athletic training, and personal management program.

Our Vision

To provide a family like atmosphere built on Trust, Honesty, Integrity, and going the extra mile for our clients.

Our mission is simple, YOU. To provide you, our client, with the best service available. As a team, we listen to you, work with you, respect your opinions, and accommodate you. We always without exception, tell it to you straight, with no intentions to mislead or misguide you. We work to understand your viewpoint to formulate a winning strategy.